500/1000 pound club

Our members getting stronger!

To be in the 1000 pound club for men or 500 pound club for women you must follow the following rules:

  • Total poundage is counted for squats, dead lift and bench.
  • A staff member will witness your lifts.
  • Total weight must be equal or greater than the club you are competing for.
1000 pound club 500 pound club
Tobe Mentzer Vee Skripek
Mike Collins Leah Sines
Chad LuensmannTaylor Brumbagh
Dylan OswaltEmma Smith
Ryan LongAbby Luensmann
Molan KyleStevie MIller
Tristan GrassmyerOlivia Confer
Skyler PetermanJullie Larson
Jim Morris
Andrew Bithell